What We Do

We’ve combined our passion for nature, art & music to create images, still and moving, that are filled with emotion and authentic moments.

Our style is suited to fun loving couples who want us to capture them as they really are. We aim to create an artful and intimate record of the amazing day you have planned for yourselves, your family and friends.

Because our photography & short films are shot as a team- fluidity and movement are a big part of our shooting style. We love laughter, stolen kisses, romantic strolls and spontaneous dances. We will always take the moment that is about to unfold rather than stop it to tweak a minor detail. That real life stuff is what makes us tick and that’s what has kept our photos and films filled with honest and true moments for over a decade.

We keep overly posed photos to a minimum, truly relishing the genuine moments of your day. That being said, we’re still there to give direction when needed making sure everyone is looking and feeling great.

As much a we love setting up big, fun dramatic shots- it’s the best when you just can’t stop laughing or kissing while we’re taking them! What thrills us most is when you are just in the moment and everyone has forgotten that we’re even there. Letting happen what happens naturally when you are next to each other.

We love small backyard weddings, city wedding, Island weddings, 3 hour brunch weddings, 3 day traditional weddings. As long as you love it, we’d love to capture it!

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